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A unique model - Asian, Alternative and Art Nude all rolled into one petite 5"2 (3/4), 8-10 bundle of joy :) I am a creative individual always on the look out for the new and interesting. I love to play with my environment, experiment and drown in art.

14 June 2011

John Duder

A very quick update mainly to store some images for now :) Will write properly about this shoot next week :p

Images shot by John Duder, slight edit by myself :)

11 June 2011

June/July = Zen in full flow! :)

So I've spent goodness knows how many hours online in the evenings updating portfolios, putting out looking for work requests, replying to casting calls and such like - and for all the bum-expanding laptop time, it's paying off, I am pleased to see!

JUNE: So far has planned for me - two paid shoots, one TF with the fabulous Paul Ottey (Paul Ottey's NM) which should be a wonderful addition to my portfolio and a three day stint with Kainine_Photography (Kainine_Photography on NM) in Hull with a Charity Group Shoot squeezed in too. So plenty of great quality TF and a little towards the penny funds too for June :)

JULY: Currently sees four paid shoots (phew!), a TF/Profit share Calendar shoot, and a local group shoot, where I plan on staying firmly *behind* the camera and getting some studio photography practice in :)

So far, so good! Not many available days left to shoot now till the summer, so glad that things are getting booked up and I'll be kept busy :) I feel so much more like a model when my floor is riddled with an array of random outfits, shoes and train tickets :P Sod all the bright lights!

2 June 2011

Catching up :S

Ahhh...the art of the creative - procrastination and forgetfulness... time to update!! :p

April: Saw me investing in my first SLR and trial testing it at a Group Shoot in Hull.  The day was fabulous with a lovely bunch of people and I found myself wandering around dressed as a model, with the SLR firmly around my neck. On both sides of the camera, I was happy to shoot and gained results I was pleased with:

First a selection of model images to wet your appetite.  And yes, annoyingly enough, when someone says 'are you small enough to squeeze into there?' the answer is usually 'Yes'.

And I did love getting all dressed up again, or dressed down depending on your standards :p :

I also had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with the lovely OpalineStorm, a wonderful promising new model with a figure I couldn't get enough of and a gorgeous personality to boot:

And a couple of more glamourous shots with Dale Nelson:

It was an awesome day :)  I had planned on staying at TK's - otherwise known as the abominable Kainine_Photography and shooting through a few ideas. After much caffeine and planning, we finally bit the bullet and shot his first ever Erotica set. From here on end, this post gets a little more 'open' ;)  These got monumentally slagged on NM, but gained great critiques on FL, so either way we were happy. We have plans for the next one already... :p

TK and I have a wonderful working relationship and click away with each other as much as the shutter does, it's nice to work with someone in that way, and something I have missed a lot.  

I've had a lot of editing practice recently too and am enjoying playing with effects and styles. I'm getting into this photography thing! :p


So June and July see two group shoots - one purely behind the camera for me, and another in Hull playing both sides, and likely more filth with TK.  A few booked shoots, to see me into the summer hols and a couple of shoots I've booked with new models :)  

It's nice that the effort, networking and masses of time in front of the laptop is paying off.  Next phase for me, a couple of TF's for agency submission, new sets for Zivity (get in touch if you would like to shoot for that one!), and building more of a photography portfolio. I'll add some of those here the next time I remember. 

Take it easy you weird little world of lights and cameras :)