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A unique model - Asian, Alternative and Art Nude all rolled into one petite 5"2 (3/4), 8-10 bundle of joy :) I am a creative individual always on the look out for the new and interesting. I love to play with my environment, experiment and drown in art.

18 January 2013

Been a busy little bee!!

Well I've barely had the time to breathe let alone blog!! :-).
My baby boy was born in August weighing in at 8lbs and 6 oz, birthed at home in water with his big sister watching his entry/exit.  And I've been chaos since!! I managed a tour to Cambridge and regular shoots until 37 weeks pregnant. The photos I will cherish - in a tutu, Lit beautifully, climbing around a butterfly house, eating zombie brains... You know all the classic maternity shots :-).

I've been writing away in collaboration with a local studio to produce what has become 25000 word modeling mentoring and guidance booklet. There age just the chapters to tidy up and some photos to insert and its ready for the printing.  Its been slow going with having the baby to look after too, so I'm glad it's almost done.  I've built a bit of a reputation for chasing down dodgy togs.  It's shocking how many tossers there are out there.

I've slowly been building up my photography portfolio and uploading pieces to redbubble for sale.  I need to get into more model photography and slot regularly again. But I've been happy experimenting at home. I have ideas and projects in mind which I am planning for later in the year. 

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Going to take the camera out with me later and hopefully capture something in the snow :-).