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A unique model - Asian, Alternative and Art Nude all rolled into one petite 5"2 (3/4), 8-10 bundle of joy :) I am a creative individual always on the look out for the new and interesting. I love to play with my environment, experiment and drown in art.

20 February 2012

BIG Changes!

So - I've posted all about everywhere, but not really updated my blog at all recently.
In main news - I'm currently 16 weeks/4 months pregnant! So all shoots from now till August are based around the bump, maternity and pregnancy styles.  I'm finding it quite hard to book shoots now, I would have thought there was a good market for bump-shoots, but apparently, it's a bit slow still.  Shame, really. I had some awesome shoots back in 2004 with my daughter. But hey ho. Can't bitch!

I have however decided that this was the push I needed to quit modelling when the babs is born. Not only have I  been increasingly frustrated with it all, but I'm finding myself more thrilled by taking photos and editing them than I am being in front of the camera.  So although I plan on staying in the industry, it'll be behind the camera from August onwards.

The Model Safety service is getting off the ground.  I have opened a forum on Purple Port which is growing and being added to all the time, advising new models about safety, shoot preparation, marketing, advertising, self-employment etc etc. And I also have the opportunity to run model workshops, tutoring new/aspiring models :) So I'll be floating around.

But in the meantime, I'd really love to be shooting more!! I have a few regular shoots booked to track the bump development till August, and a studio day this weekend as well as three mini-tours being planned :)  I suppose the weather doesn't help, eh? What I wouldn't give to be out on location in the woods, sunning it up all bare skinned and bare footed :( Time will come!

So recent events? Well, there was the model night at Westgate Studios last month, which went well, shooting with four photographers :) There were a few random shoots at Brightlights and then a fantabulous group shoot with Spirit Model Management for magazine publication :D And then a smaller shoot for an accessories designer with Rei-Bennet as the photographer :) It's been a busy February! And the studio day in Birmingham this weekend to top it off :)

Anyways,  off to do some more editing :)