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A unique model - Asian, Alternative and Art Nude all rolled into one petite 5"2 (3/4), 8-10 bundle of joy :) I am a creative individual always on the look out for the new and interesting. I love to play with my environment, experiment and drown in art.

15 September 2014

Zen Art Photography is Alive and well!

Due to months of illness and post operation recovery time, Zen art took last priority in my life for most of 2014. But I'm pleased to say I'm back and ready to roll!

What's new? Well almost everything at the moment :-) Starting with a new camera. Well actually a very old camera - an Olympus E-pen 1 to be precise. It was time to part with my beloved Nikon D70 and discover the wonders of micro 4/3rds at last. Teamed up with my equally as old but much loved Vivitar macro lens, they make an awesome couple and I've been enjoying playing with the combination. Having a screen rather than a view finder is amazing and I even got new glasses! No excuses for poorly focused macro shots anymore :-P

I've spent a week or so signing up new accounts for online stores to sell my work on canvases, as prints and on products. And now have accounts on two major photo stock sites (note to self: join more!!). Including Istock/Getty images which I'm pleased with. I know I'm just a little fish in the sea of some awesome talent all over the world. But I can be awesome talent too if I just do it. I'm putting my all into the photography game as of now. I even scribbled a list of things to do/business plan on an A5 bit of note paper and everything.

This includes rambling and ranting on here now often... A creative mind still needs a linear outpouring somewhere. And now I've finished writing the Guide to Modelling book, yes, *finished* writing the damn thing, I suppose I need to write something else, eh? The book is in the process of being formatted, just needs an edit, proof and off we finally f*cking go! Wooh!

Right now though, I'm loving having my camera in hand regularly again, just need some creative inspiration!