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31 March 2013

The Model Mentor book:  

Is WRITTEN!! It's been a long few months of staring at the PC screen with the baby strapped to my chest while I type away.  It's been a long slog at it, and there have been plenty of times I've wondered if I'm really qualified enough to be doling out the advice that I have in there.  But as it went on, it became more and more apparent to me, that I'm nowhere even close to the little 17 year old wannabe model I was once. 

Alright, I still kick arse (when I have the energy these days), and I can still be a gobby little c*w...but I like to think I manage it with a little more maturity and experience now :P  I spent a lot of time reflecting on what it was like when I was a young woman/late teen modelling, how little advice there was, and the sort of attitude I had towards modelling and life in general.  I certainly did some things I wouldn't now! I didn't have the foresight back then to think about future consequences, I thought I knew it all.  As you do when you're 19 or so.  

I'm glad that I can put my experiences and lessons learnt into some sort of useful format now though and hope that it'll be more than useful for many an aspiring model, hope that they can begin a successful modelling career with sage advice from a wrinkly old has-been (alright, I'm two years off 30, so I'm facing facts!) and avoid some of the dangers and pitfalls that can be so easy to come across in modelling.  It's really made me think about how much there is to think about with this modelling malarky, how much of it I seem to inherently, intrinsically know and perform in auto-mode.  I don't really remember 'learning' much of the stuff I have produced whole chapters out of...it's quite odd. 

It's in its final stages now of being formatted, proofed and edited :) It's a great sense of achievement to see it being produced and printed.  And I'm even prouder to have done it while on maternity.  Could not have been done without a huge amount of help, encouragement and contributions from Mr. Ramage of Brightlights Studio (Derbyshire).  I get far too laxy dazy when it comes to pushing myself, the extra poking and prodding was essential to the books completion! 

I've not really thought much about advertising, marketing etc etc, but it seems my reputation precedes me these days and I've built up quite a following of support from new and experienced models, interested photographers, social groups and websites.  It's been a great motivation knowing that there is so much support behind me and a real need for a book like this on the market.  I'm so excited to see it in it's last phase of production and awaiting a publication date :) 

So as I finished writing and left the rest to Mr.Ramage, did I decide to take a break?  Apparently not - I've moved straight onto writing up a PhD Proposal which I have been researching for 18 months...no rest for the wicked! 

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